Adult Eye Glasses and Eye Exams


The Lions Sight and Tissue Foundation (LS&TF) will assist people in receiving vision care services for free or at a reduced cost. This care will be provided based on income, insurance status, and other factors as identified.


To initiate a request for help, begin by placing a call to the LS&TF Help Line at 972-276-1250 or use the contact form below. The following information is needed:

  • Name of Client
  • Social Workers Name
  • Services Needed
  • Contact information (Phone number and/or E-Mail address)

The LS&TF board member will contact the requestor soon after receiving the information and at that time the LS&TF board member will evaluate the request and determine how to proceed with the request. Note that a Social Worker or Case Worker evaluation is needed to ensure the client meets the following criteria:

  • Income will be no greater than twice national poverty level
  • No or minimal insurance coverage for vision care
  • Other factors as determined by Social Worker or LS&TF

Note that if eye glasses are needed, the Social Worker with refer the client for an eye exam or work with the LS&TF to obtain an eye exam for the client.Once the client has a prescription, the Social Worker and the client will fill out the Referral for Eyeglasses Assistance form.

The Social Worker will send the form back to the LS&TF along with confirmation that a prescription has been obtained. The LS&TF board member will contact the appropriate group(s) to obtain an appointment for the client to receive a fitting for their eyeglasses. The LS&TF will then approve and send a copy of the request form to the Social Worker with the information to allow the Social Worker of client to call and make/confirm the appointment.