Child Eye Glasses and Eye Exams


The Lions Sight and Tissue Foundation (LS&TF) will assist people in receiving vision care services for free or at a reduced cost. This care will be provided based on income, insurance status, and other factors as identified. All requests for assistance to any Lions Club or Lion should be directed to the LS&TF unless the individual Lion or Club is willing to finance such assistance.


The primary procedure for Children’s Eye Glasses and Eye Exams is through the school nurse program. The school nurse contacts, or is contacted by, either the LS&TF Board or the local Lions Club and requests an eye clinic for eligible children in her school.

Eligibility requirements for the child’s parents are:

  • Income will be no greater than twice national poverty level
  • No or minimal insurance coverage for vision care
  • Other factors as determined by Social Worker, School Nurse, or LS&TF

A minimum of 35 children must be confirmed in order to provide the Mobile Eye Clinic bus to a school. However, the school nurse may combine students from any number of schools in her district in order to qualify.

If a request for eye glasses is received by a club or individual Lion for assistance, the Club or Lion should refer the child’s parents to the child’s school nurse for evaluation. If the child qualifies (same qualifications as above), the club or individual Lion should then call the LS&TF Help Line at 972-276-1250, leave their information and call back number. The LS&TF board member will advise the Club or Lion of the next available mobile eye clinic closest to the child’s home school and assist in contacting the school nurse or sponsoring Lions Club at that location, so the child can be added to the schedule for that clinic.